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The basic goal of this game is to annihilate enemy tanks using overpowered guns :). Basically, you buy weapons, you target the enemy by adjusting the angle of your turret and firing power, and you hope to destroy their tank before they destroy yours. The game currently has enough...
2001-05-04 FREE! strategy  
I took Mark Hanson's "XSC", a clone of the arcade game Star Castle, and ported it from X11 (X-Window) to SDL (the portable Simple DirectMedia Layer library) and added sound effects. The main purpose was to have a Star Castle game running on the Linux-based Sharp Zaurus PDA. I...
2005-01-07 FREE! action  
XSC is a clone of the old Star Castle video game by Cinematronics. It is written in C++ and runs under X on UNIX....
2005-01-02 FREE! arcade  
This is a full multiplayer (1-4) implementation of the classic board game, with computer players, and over 118,000 word dictionary (the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, edition 3, as used in U.S. tournaments). There is a high score table, a best single goes list, a handy set...
2002-07-12 FREE! puzzle  
A 3D (openGL) tank game based loosly on scorched earth (or the newer xscorch), but including a single player element. The goal is to kill the other tanks and as much terrain as possible. A project goal is to add useless objects in that can be additionally destroyed, like building...
2001-06-04 FREE! action  
GLAD Screensaver
Linux needs more screensavers. People seem to go to great lengths to create cool-looking desktops, but when it comes to screensavers, system resources suddenly become scarce again. Why aren't there loads of funny little GL screensavers for Linux? There's this one OS that has lots...
1999-10-01 FREE! mia  
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