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The Legends of Tynedale
StoryLegend has it there lies an evil, long forgotten secret in Tynedale. Journey with Geordie as he attempts to achieve what his grandfather could not: conquer complex dungeons, defeat epic bosses and uncover Tynedale’s darkest truth. Gameplay Retro-inspired top-down, actio...
2022-09-14 4,99€ action  
Seven Wonders of St. Clementine
The city surrounding the school of St. Clementine is infamous for its trove of ghost stories and folklore - so much so that's it's crept onto the aging campus of the school itself. Following his dream of pursuing a cause dear to him, Mizukami Sei heads to his new place of enrollm...
2022-02-28 Check out the demo! casual  
Legends of Pixelia
Legends of Pixelia is an action role-playing game that combines retro pixelart with modern gameplay mechanics. Tired of left-clicking through hordes of brainless one-hit-KO enemies? Random dungeons, precise controls via gamepad (or keyboard) and a strong fighting game AI provid...
2020-06-14 4,99€ action  
Eventide 2: The Sorcerers Mirror
Embark on a mystical adventure in a forgotten mountain village ruled by an immortal sorcerer. Can you unravel his secret?INSPIRED BY ACTUAL SLAVIC LEGENDS!Explore an enchanted world full of imps, apparitions, magical animals, and other mysterious creatures taken directly from E...
2020-04-14 9,99€ gnovel  
Namariel Legends: Iron Lord Premium Edition
Game’s action takes place in a magical land of Namariel, where magic and science joint together. The game is played from the first person; you will see the world through the eyes of king’s daughter, who was overthrown by the brutal Iron Lord. We ...
2020-04-14 6,99€ gnovel  
Earthshine tells the story of two travelers, Talia and Inar, as they journey across the Desert in search of the Fields of Oblivion. Legend has it that these fields contain beautiful flowers: flowers that can heal any wounds, resurrect the dead, and grant immortality to those who ...
2020-04-14 1,59€ gnovel  
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