times infinity

Times Infinity is a surreal story-focused adventure game about doing tasks before a deadline to prevent your death in an offbeat university with even more offbeat dorm mates.

In addition to light adventure game mechanics, it contains light platforming and shooting elements.

The initial scenario is as follows, you are PARA, an up and coming freshman at the Tiffson Institute, all seems to be going well as you move in until you get an odd task from a mysterious creature. Asking you to take all of your dorm mates out for a meal, failing this challenge will lead to your demise. With no other choices in tow you push forward to complete this challenge... Then it all gets odder from there.

In addition to the above, the player will also be able to unlock outfits for the player to wear.
Special Controls:
Q+E : Swap Outfits

G : Special Action (Showing Fortunes)
Right Click (RMB) : Go into First Person Mode
Left Click (LMB) : Interacts with Objects ( Third Person Mode Only )
Left Click (LMB) : Fires your Weapon ( First Person Mode Only )
Spacebar : Jump, Advance a Text Box
Enter / Return : Skip Dialog Events
Category: gnovel
License: Commercial
Cost (1): 0,39€ (2021-09-15)
Submitter: admin
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Available languages: English