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I think there is no need to tell you, that your PR0X (your virtual character) is absolutely not welcome in this dark version of cyberspace. Some guidance can be deceitful and corrupting. Some places are psychedelic, it playes with glitches, it's an orgasm of shaders and effects. This game contains puzzles, exploration, platforming and shooter elements, all wrapped in a dense atmosphere. It's changing from wild to creepy and back. A unique audio-visual trip. Characters and their beliefs are pure fiction. Gameplay slightly changes as your PR0X gets transformed and upgraded by progress... Decompiler-Guns inclusive. Find out what you're supposed to do by collecting corrupted DATA CUBES. Switch between NormalView and AssemblerView (right click) to see hidden things. Note: you can download game without pay anything or buy it for some dollars.
Author: Ravee
Company: Ravee
Category: indie
License: closed source
Cost (1): free (2021-07-11)
Submitter: admin
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