Chroma: Bloom And Blight   FREE!

Chroma: Bloom and Blight is a consumer friendly digital card game for the players. Instead of having to purchase packs to play the game you have access to all cards from the very beginning. Made for beginners and veterans alike, Chroma is sure to provide a fun competitive experience for anyone.
Key features

Never feel restricted again when building decks. Play wacky fun builds against your friends without investing tons of money. Saw your favorite streamer play a cool deck? No need to worry about how to pay for the cards or if you’ll use them again!

Customize your deck with awesome alternate artwork for your favorite cards. Earn unique full arts in tournament play!
Choose one of many heroes to take the role as your commander. Lead them into battle using unique mechanics that add layers of depth to familiar gameplay. Build decks freely using 4 different colors of cards.

Participate in tournaments or host them for your friends and rivals. Become the best player on the ladder in constructed or draft formats. Easily share your decks with the community or try decks made by other players.
Explore the deep and carefully constructed world of Chroma. Unlock unique pieces of information through playing and share them with the community. Find the mysteries and dark secrets hidden within.
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