Greenspawn Restaurant

Welcome to the Greenspawn Restaurant, where we make only finest salads and other stuff only from freshly hunted angriest vegetables. They are so fresh, you can even hear them screaming, while your order is being prepared. Take control of this odd restaurant joint with a couple of charismatic characters to follow you on the path to success (or, at the very least, not a total failure).

Take orders from incresingly impatient customers, prepare meals and hunt for supplies across 30 constantly changing levels with varying challenges to overcome using your diverse set of gadgets as well as your own agility, reaction and planning skills.

  • Seamless blend of cooking game, shooter and a hunting game (in premise alone, I admit);
  • 30 levels to cook your way through;
  • Extensive upgrade system;
  • Various extra modes, that unlock after completion of the story mode;
  • Intense action;
  • Gorgeous(?) art;
Author: Apple Dash
Company: Apple Dash
Category: action
License: Commercial
Cost (1): 3,29€ (2021-01-09)
Submitter: admin
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Last Update: 2020-04-14 10:48:14
Available languages: English