Queen of Seas 2

Queen of Seas 2 is a platform game based on elements of afro-brazilian culture. The fishermen’s village has suffered several hardships in the past years and is losing faith in Yemanjá, its protective goddess. Player needs to bring hope back to the village, rescuing the villager’s lost memories in the ocean floor to make faith in Yemanjá return to the hearts of the residents.

  • Enjoy an unique and immersive storytelling
  • Choose between two different scuba diving suits
  • Make diving suit upgrades
  • Face seven different levels
  • Follow your path among sharks, oysters, jellyfishes, crabs and more
  • Explore a full habited village with side quests
  • Hear a full chiptunes original soundtrack

Queen of Seas 2 won the App Pra Cultura public contest and was funded by brazilian Ministry of Culture.
Author: BIOSZARD Dev
Company: BIOSZARD Dev
Category: gnovel
License: Commercial
Cost (1): 4,99€
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