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-Online co-op campaign -- do the entire campaign online and with your friends!
-Fully voice-acted.
-Unique Physics-Based Abilities and Weapons -- shred the hordes of oncoming aliens!
-Innovative Swarm AI and Gameplay -- shape and manipulate the oncoming enemy formations to maximize destructive efficiency!
-Deep Tactical Gameplay -- only the best vikings can master the hardest difficulties and achieve the high-scores. It takes a high degree of co-operative teamwork and individual skill to defeat the hardest difficulty. A warning to the weak!
-Blast through throngs of enemies from 3 dimensions! Battle the fleets of the Federites, face the gory horror of the Sluglings, and feel the wrath of the Sugarfiends. Assault them on their homeworlds, destroy their buildings, raid their lands, and take the elementium that you came for!

Other Features
-Singleplayer & Co-Op Campaign.
-Online and Offline local multiplayer and campaign.
-Xbox 360 controller support.
-Lots of settings for difficulty and replayability.
-A large selection of epic music to splatter your foes to.
-4 Playable characters, each with 4 unique abilities
-VR support
-Tobii eyetracking support

Story and Mechanics

Space Viking Raiders is a co-op action role-playing game set in a comedic, sci-fi multiverse. 1 to 4 people can play the 3-5 hour campaign locally or through ONLINE MULTIPLAYER!! Our badass energy axes and special abilities are similar to popular MOBA mechanics with two twists:

1. Battle huge swarms of hundreds of creeps rushing at you
2. A unique mechanic allowing players to shape the various configurations of physics-based swarms.

Play like a berserker in a battle frenzy or a tactician picking the perfect moment to strike! Coordinate assaults with teammates and become SPACE VIKING!!

Raid for glory & riches as you and comrades complete 9 missions across 3 dimensions.

The arid world of the amiable Sluglings
The lush, futuristic world of the internet-trolling Federites
The cool candy world of the unsettling Sugarfiends

Choose a Space Viking that grooves with your own badass personality and play style:

The charismatic leader, Dredrick ‘Dead Eyes’:

There are legends of a Space Viking with black, soulless, cybernetic eyes. Some say he plucked them out himself and cast them into a black hole to outdo Odin’s sacrifice for knowledge. Others say he lost them during a Space Viking poetry slam. Merciless and utterly committed to his own greatness; Dredrick is loved by his crew, feared by his enemies and the epitome of what it means to be Space Viking! His chain lightning deals greater damage the more it jumps eventually decimating even the toughest enemies.

The capable right-hand, Athelia:

Pilot, raider and commander, Athelia has the highest quantifiable intelligence of anyone on the crew, which frankly isn't saying much. Growing up an orphan, at 13 she was taken as a slave in a raid. On that raid, a young Dredrick ‘Dead Eyes’ vouched for her freedom after witnessing her kill one of her captors with a coffee mug. Athelia’s fiercely loyal to Dredrick and has utterly embraced the Space Viking way of life. Earnest and diligent, she often takes over command of a raid when Dredrick loses himself to bloodlust. She specializes in supportive tactics, using AoE abilities that slow and damage enemies.

The Berserker, Tommy K:

Tommy K holds the prestigious Space Viking title every crew needs: ‘Berserker’. Had he not suffered traumatic brain injuries during a college nutball career, perhaps life would have been different for Tommy. As it were, brain trauma resulted in bouts of rage and psychedelia. Tommy fights with overwhelming, brute strength and is encouraged to take the brunt of enemy attacks. Being a Berserker, Tommy was expected to live a relatively short life as a Space Viking. Incredibly, Tommy K has survived for years on Dredrick’s crew. He forgot his last name. Tommy’s preferred tactic is throw up impassable rock walls and funnel enemies towards his axe.

The weapons expert, Nakano Zicarus, ‘Zica’:

Growing up on an impoverished, makeshift spacestation, Zica was a technical prodigy. She often crafted improvised parts and tools from worthless scraps. An odd mix of tinkerer, farmer and avid thief, Zica stole and offered to Dredrick one of her people’s only shuttles for passage away from her dreary life. Despite her smart-mouthed sarcasm, her true value was discovered when she began modifying mundane high explosive shells into masterpieces of wanton destruction. Now a veteran Space Viking, she lives her life according to a simple philosophy: “More ammo, more kablammo!”. Wielding the deadly and precise ‘Quantum Clap’ and her ruinous ‘Plasma Barrage’, Zica specializes in dealing massive damage from a distance.

We play on hard.

Based in Vancouver, Multiball Studios was created by Adam Thompson and Scott Banducci. Using their complementary skill sets and funded with their own money, they set out to build an indie game studio from the ground up.

Despite having minimal time and resources, Multiball was able attract some of the best talent from Vancouver's rich game and film ecosystem. Sound engineers from feature film productions, artists from AAA gaming studios and modelers and animators from the indie game scene. Using a network of connections locally in Vancouver and from around the world they've pulled in music and voice acting from places like New Zealand and Scotland.

The idea we believe in is both simple and difficult: the best way to become a successful indie game studio is to start making games. If our games are good, the money will flow. With veteran lead developer Adam Thompson at the helm we expect this first game will demonstrate the tremendous potential of Multiball Studios creativity and network of talented individuals.
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Company: Multiball Studios
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