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Neverball Clockwork is a game of skill in which your task is to tilt the floor to roll a ball through various obstacle courses, collecting coins and heading for the exit before the timer runs out. For additional challenge, you can try to collect all coins, or finish the course as fast as possible (or both). You can play each level individually or play Challenge Mode, a special mode where you have to try to beat a whole level set with a limited number of “lives”. There are 215 levels in 9 level sets, ranging in difficulty from relatively easy to extremely hard. Neverball Clockwork is a game based on the original source code of Neverball (it is a so-called fork). It is the same as Neverball, with the following additions: New item: Collectible clocks which extend your time 50 new levels in 2 level sets: Clockwork Alpha and Clockwork Beta
Category: action
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