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mmpong is an ATARI-pong-like multiplayer game, where a moving ball reflects on impact from paddles on the left and right sides of the screen.

A special feature of this variant is the ability to play the game with far more than two players. Players are split into two teams, and the position of each team's paddle is determined by the mean value of the positions of all the players' paddles on the team. mmpong supports a number of different paddle profiles (like flat or round).

The mmpongd server is capable of serving hundreds of clients simultaneously and scales sufficiently well on SMP machines (pthreads).

    Currently, there are two clients at your disposal:
  • mmpong-caca: basic console-style client based on libcaca
  • mmpong-gl: graphically advanced OpenGL client available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows
Author: Andre Gaul
Version: 0.9
Category: arcade
License: free
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