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Men and the species of Drekh'nar once lived peaceful together on Earth, both not far away from reaching the stars with spaceships. Sadly, a misunderstanding led to war before these dreams could be realized. However, after a long and bloody battle, a peace treaty was created. This treaty forced mankind to go underground, while the Drekh'nar could stay on the surface of Earth.

Since then, ages have passed. Both species haven’t seen each other and for many people, the Drekh'nar are just legends. Mankind has lost the most of its technological knowledge, but it has developed a civilization based on respect and belief.

However, some people are still striving for more. One of them is Ahna, priestess in one of the underground settlements. Since her youth, she was interested in the old stories, in dreams of Sky and Stars. Her whole life she has researched on a legendary book once written by Yron shortly after the war: The Book of Stars.

Most people think that this and the other books of Yron are lost since centuries, but Ahna does not. Indeed she has found hints that may lead to the discovery of the Books of Yron - and therefore to the re-discovery of Earth and Space.

If you will help Ahna and find the Book of Stars in the depths of mankind's cave.

Author: Mario Donick
Version: 1.6
Category: rpg
License: free
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