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Oolite is an open ended game, based around travelling from star system to star system as a lone wolf trader or bounty hunter or pirate or ...any role the player chooses; there is no set goal apart from perhaps to gain the coveted Elite combat rating. Whatever the player chooses, danger lurks - the Police may come to your aid, but with the size of space, they may take their time. Or if the player is less than legally clean, the Police might only be coming to finish them off...

There are several missions, and the game is expandable and many expansion packs and mods are available.

The game is an independent interpretation and re-creation of the classic game, Elite. Oolite was originally written for Mac OSX in Objective-C using Cocoa, and has been ported to Linux using GNUstep and SDL. The game is still under active development on both Mac OSX and Linux.

Author: Giles Williams
Version: 1.76
Category: simulation
License: free
Submitter: admin
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Last Update: 2012-01-20 17:54:15