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Stendhal is a fun friendly and completely free multiplayer online adventure game with an old school feel. We're happy to announce the first stable release of this open source game at

Your character awakes in the house of an experienced guard, start a conversation and he'll teach you how to fight... but even rats are probably a challenge at first, if you can catch them.

Stepping outside you'll appreciate the beauty of the simple village around you, but once you're strong enough, venture further afield for cities, dungeons, forests, mines, mountains and even tropical islands.

Stendhal 1.43: Fashion and Competition

Would you like to show off a powerful weapon or a strong shield? Or would you like to have a fancy umbrella? Talk to Gwen at the new Accessory Shop in Deniran City.
An old and well known shop in Nalwor offers beautiful flowers. But restocking has become an issue. Perhaps you can help? But be careful, the elves might not be friendly to you.
Speaking of dangers, there are some minor changes to the fighting rules which you can explore at the Deathmatch arena in Ados. You can even unlock one of the new achievements there.
Author: The Arianne Project
Version: 1.43
Category: rpg
License: free
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