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From the BattleBall web page:
BattleBall is essentially the game of soccer, played with military vehicles rather than with people. Each player drives a tank or flies a helicopter, and tries to move the ball down the playfield to the other team's goal. The teams' "goals" are the teams' headquarters buildings, positioned at the ends of the playfield. Hitting another team's headquarters building with the ball scores a goal, and knocks the building over in the process.
Up to six teams can compete on the playfield simultaneously. Teams may consist of both human and computer players in any combination, and computer players can be configured to have different skill levels.

As the screenshot shows, this isn't Quake, but I don't think it intends to be. According to the author, you can expect 35-40 frames per second on a 120MHz Pentium without 3D hardware.

I haven't tried BattleBall myself yet, but it sounds promising. Too bad the site is gone.

Author: Phillip A. Hardin
Version: 2.0
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