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SDLMESS is a fork of MESS, the Multiple Emulator Super System, to SDL, resulting in a mostly platform independent version. As the name suggests, this includes dozens of emulators for game consoles and home computers alike, from the PDP1 to the PlayStation. As the sister project...
2008-02-16 FREE! emulator  
SDLMAME is meant to be a replacement for the MIA xmame but has no connection with it otherwise. It has been separately developed from base MAME, the popular Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator that supports hundreds of machine chipsets with thousands of games from back in the 70s ti...
2008-02-14 FREE! emulator  
GMAMEUI is a front-end for MAME on Linux. It helps with the easy playing and configuring of arcade games on your Linux. GMAMEUI is an enhancement of GXMame, fixing a number of long-standing bugs (including adding support for SDLMame in preference over the now-obsolete X-MAME) ...
2008-03-15 FREE! util  
Loemu is a simple frontend for different emulators, currently supporting xmame, SDLMAME, snes9x and ZSNES. Includes filter mechanisms and easy extensibility for edditional emulators through configuration files....
2008-02-14 FREE! util  
TTL Xmame
TTL Xmame is a simple GTK+ front end for SDLMAME (previously targeted for xmame but xmame seems to be dead). The main feature of TTL Xmame is the ability to quickly hide or display any of the loaded filters at any time. The filters can be user supplied....
2008-02-15 FREE! util  
kxmame is a front-end for the popular xmame/xmess emulators based on GXMame but for KDE. It adds many UI improvements and support for xmess and SDLMAME in the latest versions....
2008-02-16 FREE! util  
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