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Les Landes Eternelles
Les Landes Eternelles is a french fork of the project Eternal Lands. It's a total rework of the game with unique contents. The game is in French. ...
2016-06-25 FREE! rpg  
Other Life
Other Life is rather cute 'old school' mmorpg in the fantasy genre that started in October last year. It's based on the Eternal Lands engine and inherits heavily from that game in terms of its assets and styling, but with many improvements server-side and superior client software...
2013-08-31 FREE! rpg  
Eternal Lands
Eternal Lands is a FREE MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) currently under development. The game is now in Beta stage, but that doesn't mean it's incomplete. It's currently fully playable and we are constantly working on adding more things to do, more items t...
2003-02-21 FREE! rpg  
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