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Yo Frankie!
The original project goal was to work on a cross platform game (at least Linux, Windows, OS X), using Blender for modeling and animation, Crystal Space as 3D engine and delivery platform, and Python for some magic scripting to glue things together. The purpose was to not only mak...
2015-07-05 FREE! arcade  
Crystal Architect
CrystalArchitect is a software that helps you create your 3D worlds in a fluent and cooperative way. It provides all the tools to manage your assets, build scenes, make use of entity systems, add logic, live program your world, etc. Of course, you can also do this in a coopera...
2010-08-30 FREE! util  
Crystal Space
Crystal Space is currently under heavy development, but it's already quite impressive. The engine supports stencil shadows, lightmaps, shaders, portals, mirrors, scripting, 3D acceleration and lots more. It compiles and runs on GNU/Linux, Windows and MacOS/X. The Crystal Space...
1998-11-13 FREE! code  
Interstate Outlaws
Interstate Outlaws (IO) is a vehicular death match based game created by mostly by college students from the United States, Great Britain, and Australia. It uses Crystal Space, CEL, and ODE. It is written in Python. Inspiration for this project came from old auto combat games the...
2007-07-12 FREE! action  
Crystal Core
Crystal Core is a first person shooter/puzzle game in development. It takes place on an alien planet invaded by hostile aliens. The Crystal Core game is a game made by the Crystal Space team in order to have a good demo and test case for Crystal Space. It serves three purposes...
2006-01-30 FREE! action  
Ecksdee is a futuristic race & destroy game in early development, based on Crystal Space, Crystal Entity Layer and Crystal Core. There is currently no AI nor networking, only race against the clock. ...
2006-02-28 FREE! mia  
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