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Littlest Goddess
Game made during the pyweek game programming contest, Is a platformer about a little goddess that has lost her pet and needs to find him again...
2008-09-14 FREE! puzzle  
Crystal Core
Crystal Core is a first person shooter/puzzle game in development. It takes place on an alien planet invaded by hostile aliens. The Crystal Core game is a game made by the Crystal Space team in order to have a good demo and test case for Crystal Space. It serves three purposes...
2006-01-30 FREE! action  
GUSANOS is an open-source clone of the DOS game Liero. It currently works on Windows and Linux. In the game each player controls a small worm armed to the teeth and fights other worms in a destructible battleground. It can be described as "Real-time Worms" or "2D Quake", or a ...
2006-08-14 FREE! action  
IanOut is an open source engine that tries to replace the old Fallout 2 by creating the abilitiy to run Fallout-like games under linux and having superior modding support. The engine was created by SztupY and started as a fun project to create a Fallout parody. After 4 Beta relea...
2005-07-18 FREE! rpg  
A Toddler Game
This is a simple game for toddlers. It has letter and number sounds when you press on the keyboard, a memory game and much more. This games focus is soley on toddlers, you will not find addition/subtraction or reading or any other things mixed in with this game. This game ...
2005-01-21 FREE! kids  
Games for French pre-school
Games for French pre-school is a suite of educational games for French toddlers comprising seven packages including memory, letters falling, puzzle, labyrinth, letters & numbers, double entry arrays, domino, counting, enumeration, draw, sort, arrangement, ......
2003-03-19 FREE! kids  
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