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IsoCubes is an isometric puzzle game. Your goal is to push the green starred cubes on their target cubes that are also green. You can push green blocks by selecting blue cubes that face the direction of the cube you want to move. The game will restart if you can't make a new mo...
2021-06-11 0,95€ strategy  
Voxel Bot
In Voxel Bot you play as a robot that needs to clear all cubes in the level. By jumping from cube to cube you change the color of the cubes and when all the cubes are purple you cleared the level. To make your goal harder there are enemies that you can’t touch or...
2021-05-11 0,95€ action  
Cube Mission
Move the cube and find the best path to your destination. Solve tricky puzzles and escape malicious traps. The difficulty is between challenging and easy. The gameplay varies between action platforming and puzzle solving. Touch other cubes so they follow you and direct them to ...
2021-05-11 0,95€ gnovel  
This is a fast-paced reacting game. The game starts slow to familiarize you with the mechanics of the game and after the tutorial, it will get gradually faster and hectic.The levels contain different enemies and objects like a boost cube that boosts the player in the direction it...
2021-04-30 0,47€ action  
Color Cube
In this puzzle game, your goal is to turn grey cubes into the color of the cube you control. The game is simple and relaxing. The majority of the puzzles can be solved in multiple ways, there is no limit to how many moves you can make. You can however try to see if you can do...
2021-04-14 0,47€ casual  
Paralyzed has over twenty unique levels with a large variety of obstacles and enemies. As you progress through the game the challenge increases, always keeping you on your toes and ensuring satisfaction upon level completion. Beating a level unlocks 1-2 new levels, making sure ...
2021-03-12 2,61€ indie  
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