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Title: perlmoo
Last updated: 1999-06-16 05:31:58
Author/Company: Joey Hess
Category: Role Playing Game
Description: server for an online multiuser virtual world, implemented in perl
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Title: Glide Control
Last updated: 1999-06-15 13:33:53
Author/Company: Mike Oliphant
Category: Mia
Description: A utility for changing 3Dfx graphics card settings.
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Title: Sgames
Last updated: 1999-06-15 00:00:00
Category: Mia
Description: A game programming toolkit using SDL
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Title: X-Crillion
Last updated: 1999-06-13 13:34:50
Author/Company: Mike Krueger
Category: Arcade
Description: A ballgame based on the C64 game crillion.
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Title: SpaceThing
Last updated: 1999-06-13 00:09:03
Author/Company: Shaun Dodimead
Category: Mia
Description: 3D Combat game
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