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Title: Uni's Columns
Last updated: 2000-11-09 20:05:35
Author/Company: Jiri Svoboda
Category: Mia
Description: Column's type game for 1 or 2 players.
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Title: KInsectizid
Last updated: 2000-11-09 20:04:27
Author/Company: Frank von Daak / Andreas Beckermann
Category: Arcade
Description: KDE based 2D-Shooter
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Title: 7colors
Last updated: 2000-11-05 07:33:23
Author/Company: Stefano Bellotti
Category: Puzzle
Description: A little addicting game, take over the gaming area with yourcolor.
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Title: xquarto
Last updated: 2000-11-05 00:00:00
Author/Company: Mattias Jonsson
Category: Puzzle
Description: Xquarto is a nice board game for 2 players, or one player against the computer.
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Title: Gtowers
Last updated: 2000-11-01 16:19:37
Author/Company: Mark Stratman
Category: Mia
Description: Gtowers - Classic Towers of Hanoi puzzle
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