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Title: Doom
Last updated: 2001-01-13 23:58:19
Author/Company: id Software
Category: Action
Description: The classic 3d kill-fest.
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Title: Flying Windows
Last updated: 2001-01-11 23:17:51
Author/Company: Bill Kendrick
Category: Mia
Description: Flying X11 or Windows(TM) icons screensaver.
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Title: Solo Cards - A collection of solitaire card games
Last updated: 2001-01-11 15:46:01
Author/Company: Bertrand Vauthier
Category: Mia
Description: A large collection of solitaire card games that are played against the clock.
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Title: Scorched Earth 2000
Last updated: 2001-01-10 19:06:42
Author/Company: KAOS Software
Category: Arcade
Description: Open source multiplayer java remake of and old classic
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Title: Paddle Bounce 3D
Last updated: 2001-01-08 20:44:20
Author/Company: Marius Andra
Category: Arcade
Description: Pong Clone in 3D
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