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Title: ICBM3D/2
Last updated: 2000-06-10 20:50:47
Author/Company: Bill Kendrick
Category: Arcade
Description: A 3D "Missile Command"-style game using OpenGL.
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Title: Angel Wars
Last updated: 2000-06-07 22:28:50
Author/Company: Orin Tresnjak
Category: Arcade
Description: A fast-paced side-scrolling "space shooter" with an unusual premise.
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Title: Beasts
Last updated: 2000-06-02 18:01:57
Author/Company: Kevin Turner
Category: Action
Description: Push the blocks and squish the beasts.
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Title: GAMES
Last updated: 2000-05-26 10:05:11
Author/Company: Jeff Read
Category: Mia
Description: GAMES is a set of libraries for animation, sound, and 3-d rendering
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Title: Zloe
Last updated: 2000-05-24 15:47:23
Author/Company: Milos Glisic
Category: Arcade
Description: A 2-player networked arcade-style shooting game.
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