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Title: Alienwave
Last updated: 2001-03-25 09:55:38
Author/Company: Alessandro Pira
Category: Arcade
Description: Space invaders-like game.
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Title: MCSE Trainer
Last updated: 2001-03-25 00:58:54
Author/Company: Jeff Clement
Category: Mia
Description: A fast little gainto teach GUI sys-admins!
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Title: codeBreak
Last updated: 2001-03-25 00:51:52
Author/Company: Dave Leimbach
Category: Mia
Description: Clone of Pressman's Master Mind game.
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Title: Anton
Last updated: 2001-03-24 22:41:51
Author/Company: maarten de boer
Category: Mia
Description: An arithmetical game
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Title: TZO Internet Naming System
Last updated: 2001-03-24 22:40:57
Author/Company: Gary Cook, Eric McIntyre
Category: Util
Description: TZO is a Dynamic DNS utility for TCP/IP games
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