Game Sheet: Greedy
(from the original archive of "The Linux Game Tome")

Description: Clone of old Amiga game named greed. In greedy you must increase your score by collecting numbers by moving over them. Highlighted numbers show
how far you go when you move into that direction.
The distance is same than number value in square next to player character. If there are nothing but empty squares around player, game is over.
Author: Juhamatti NiemeläCompany:
Version: 0.2.0Category: Mia
License: freeCost:
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Source? Yes     Sound? NoXWindow (X11)? Yes     Console? Yes
3D Accelleration? No     Multiplayer? NoPlay Online? No     Submitter: anonymous
Other requirements:
  • ncurses
Last updated: 2002-05-16 11:34:07