Game Sheet: Galactic Landing

Description: Galactic Landing - landing of the ship on different planets, and asteroids. Avoid asteroids , lasers, guns of the aliens. Show mastery of the spacecraft. Defeat the aliens.
In the game there's simple control and will suit any player.
The game is recommended to the NASA, Roscosmos , ESA and SpaceX.

  • Complete 22 campaigns or play in endless mode.
  • Intuitive game control.
  • Millions of different versions of the game levels.
  • Pass the levels with the best result and the least expenditure of fuel.
  • Become a better pilot. All your achievements will be recorded in the leaderboard and available for viewing by other players from around the world.


  • Achievements
  • Realistic Physics

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Author: Kobra StudioCompany: Kobra Studio
Version: Category: Action
License: CommercialCost: 0,75€
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Source? No     Sound? YesXWindow (X11)? Yes     Console? No
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Last updated: 2019-04-29 19:58:25