Game Sheet: GNU motti
(from the original archive of "The Linux Game Tome")

Description: This is a rewrite of an old PC game, motti. The aim of the game is to
conquer enemies' capitals. This is
done by conquering enemies' territories.
Each player may attack, defend, or perform a guerilla attack on a turn.
Any territories conquered during the gameplay become occupied, which may not be invaded on. Any territories cut off from the player's capital are conquered among the encircling players. When there are no unoccupied territories left to conquer, all territories become unoccupied again.
Author: Kari PahulaCompany:
Version: 2.5.0Category: Strategy
License: freeCost:
Votes: 1      Vote->      Rank: 2 / 5        N.A.
Source? Yes     Sound? NoXWindow (X11)? Yes     Console? Yes
3D Accelleration? No     Multiplayer? YesPlay Online? Yes     Submitter: kari
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Date: 1999-12-21 00:50:24     User: LinuxGamer     Subject: GNU motti
Well, it's an... er, interesting game. Maybe with a little time, I'll figure out how to actually play it. :-) The documentation is pretty confusing, which keeps it from getting a decent rating from me. Anybody care to point me to some good instructions on motti?