Game Sheet: FreeDoom
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This is a project to create an entire Doom II IWAD file, compatible enough to play Add-on Doom II wads. Combined with the GPLed doom source code this will result in a completely Free doom-based game.

Available in Fedora

Author: SimonCompany:
Version: 0.7Category: Action
License: freeCost:
Votes: 4      Vote->      Rank: 3.8 / 5        N.A.
Source? Yes     Sound? YesXWindow (X11)? Yes     Console? Yes
3D Accelleration? Yes     Multiplayer? YesPlay Online? Yes     Submitter: anonymous
Other requirements:
A Doom engine port that supports Boom extensions
The DoomsDay engine:
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Date: 2003-04-09 05:40:53     User: anonymous     Subject: Great project!
They need some help: monster sprites need to be improved and completed. Everything else is A+.

It seems freedoom and freecraft are in the same boat: great idea with great coders, just no graphics people to contribute to a superior game... Maybe, some people are too busy making money on commercial games? But who said somthing is more commercial than another first? That makes no sense when someone says somthing is non-commercial, etc.

Date: 2003-04-09 06:45:54     User: anonymous     Subject: Another great project!?!
This project appears to be great. Unfortunately all the former Doom/Doom2 total conversions died long before the source was released, so this will be the only way to create a completely free shooter based on the Doom engine. And those projects can actually succeed, take Transfusion as an example. Transfusion ROXX and it's an entirely new game using the GPLed Quake engine...
Date: 2003-04-09 06:48:58     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Great project!
Well, all the graphics people seem to contribute to Mods for commercial games like UT or HL or Q3. No one wants to contribute to some really great free project I suppose. That is extremely sad!
Date: 2003-04-09 08:05:53     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Another great project!?!
Entirely new? It's not as if it were a Blood port to the Quake engine after all...
Date: 2003-04-09 11:30:59     User: anonymous     Subject: FreeDoom
You are dooing GREATE job!!!!!!!. If i had acccont on LGT, i would give you 7 start! :)
Date: 2003-04-09 18:01:49     User: Dou9st3r     Subject: Looks great so far!
Awesome! I played around the first level a bit and it is quite fun and looks great! I'll probably upgrade my rating once I play it a little more! This was an excellent idea, how about a FreeQuake module too?
Date: 2003-04-10 15:14:33     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Great project!
Most 'artists' hate giving stuff away (most are greedy and stupid frankly). However there is a free texture and media archive up at to remedy this situation.
Date: 2003-04-10 19:34:31     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Looks great so far!
Open Quartz
Date: 2003-04-10 22:48:43     User: anonymous     Subject: Excellent!
Finally! Yeah! :-) I am tired of all these ports of Doom and Quake, etc that require shareware wads or the full cd. Dang there are level editors out there, and have been for years. This project seems like long overdue common sense! Good on ya!! :-)
Date: 2003-04-11 04:33:07     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Looks great so far!
Open Quartz appears to be dead... But there is something similiar for Blood:
Date: 2003-04-11 08:30:22     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Great project!
Give me a good paint application (don't say gimp. I already use it, and it takes all my time on one project (tuxpuck)), and I will help out.

Linux just haven't got any good paint/animation apps at the moment. Can this change please?

Date: 2003-04-11 14:06:43     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Great project!
or Corel photopaint
Date: 2003-04-11 15:25:35     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Great project!
GIMP, Blender, POV-Ray, Wings 3D...
Date: 2003-04-11 16:09:35     User: grumbel     Subject: A little late
Doom is already quite a bit outdated, so this set of free data comes a little late, since Quake2 is already free and many years have passed since the release of the source. Anyway the gfx is ok, not as good as the original Doom, but still good. The leveldesign? Well, I only played the first level, but so far it looked far to hard, even on the easy difficulty levels, Doom looked quite a bit more balanced there. Anyway, if you are a Doom fan its worth a look, if not then there might be better stuff to play.
Date: 2003-04-11 23:03:36     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: A little late
Quake 2 is NOT free. The source has been released but id software still hold copyrights to the game content, ie all the graphics, sounds, etc., therefore the game itself is not free. Freedoom is a free IWAD, which is all the content, with its aim to be a free complete version of Doom - hence the name Freedoom. I think you should get your facts right before posting.
Date: 2003-04-12 06:09:37     User: grumbel     Subject: Re: A little late
I know the facts, what I meant is that the Quake2 Engine is free, thus a FreeQuake2 would probally make more sense and be much more attractive to people than a FreeDoom. The Doom engine is simply pretty much out of date, on embedded devices it might still make sense, but todays PC can do much better and there are much better engines out there (Quake2, CrystalSpace), so basing something on Doom isn't all that good IMHO.
Date: 2003-04-12 15:33:10     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: A little late - puuhhhh!!!!
Stop whining grumbel and be grateful. If you so really want a freequake/2, then go make one. When it's done, post an announcement here so that we can then complain that UT2003 and etc have better graphics and that Q1/2 are both outdated.
Date: 2003-04-13 05:26:51     User: anonymous     Subject: It's good!!!
Doom is very good game!!!
I'll try it under Linux...
Date: 2003-04-13 06:14:14     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: A little late
This may be true for gaming enthusiasts (who are admittedly the majority on sites like this), but as far as I'm concerned, Doom is a perfectly fine engine, even if Quake has some improvements on it.
Date: 2003-04-24 04:33:44     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Great project!
Which part of "don't say gimp" did you not understand :P And Blender is a horse on 2D graphics (corel paint is not an option either, not compatible with my libs)
Date: 2003-07-05 08:49:32     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: A little late - puuhhhh!!!!
Calm down you two :P Freedoom grew out of the doom community, and as such the people who work on it are very familiar with the limitations of the doom engine. To start such work with quake2, we'd need to be very familiar with the engine, the code to which is infinitely more complex. The doom engine is indeed very old, and to someone who is most familiar with newer games, perhaps very ugly to look at. However, I think most people who are working on freedoom are doing so primarily for their own enjoyment. Many enthusiasts believe that the 'spirit' of FPS gaming captured by doom has not since been faithfully reproduced. I find it suprising to learn that there isn't enough interest in the q2 community to do something similar - if you are a q2 fan and think this is a good idea, start it up! All you need at the very least is some organisational skills.
Date: 2003-07-05 08:52:32     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Great project!
I think the work involved in making a model for a 3d game is a lot less than making a sprite-set, which is a considerable amount of work. The additional low-res limitations, plus the fact that the number of frames per animation etc. are all fixed in this instance mean that you need quite a lot of time, patience and inginuity to create something new on the 'frame' of something old.
Date: 2003-12-02 10:34:50     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Great project!
gimp is great, learn how to use it.
Date: 2005-01-03 02:28:17     User: gaminggeek     Subject: Some how
some how they have managed to make the already lame looking doom 1 gfx look even worse.
Date: 2005-01-03 03:25:06     User: anonymous     Subject: Wow.
I didn't know they were still working on this project, nice. They really need to work on the monsters though, most of them suck.
Date: 2005-01-03 06:12:41     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Great project!
"Blender is a horse on 2D graphics" ??? I have to wonder: Is that good or bad?
On reflection, I'd have to guess it's a good thing, since a recent HappyPenguin poll proved that horses are pretty.
Date: 2005-01-03 17:35:26     User: anonymous     Subject: blah
It's hard to decide if this IWAD is really badly designed or just plainly terrible. The level design is just bad, textures, while most of them look good, are just really badly used in the freedoom levels. They need real level designers, hell, I did better than that in 1994...
Date: 2005-01-04 09:49:26     User: anonymous     Subject: Man, oh man this sucks donkey dong!
I once mistakenly initiated the download to `Freedoom`.

It was a dark morning, ash and smoke from the previous day of fires, and grim to ado any besides wait for my last breath. Unpacking the `Freedoom` data near the reach of the doom binary was a pains-taking task. Sweat perspiring from the crest of my widow's-peak hairline trickles down the corners of sunken eyes. A cricket chirps misserably slower, it's a verry cold end to this dark-gray winter morning. I strain on these placid white verricose-veined geek legs as I lurch forward towards the CRT monitor to grasp the half-empty can of warm Mountain Dew and Jolt concoction.
"Jibb0r m3 ter4flopps!!1!one!", I gasped as I executed doomlegacy pointing at the `Freedoom` IWAD.
"WTF!", I exclaim; what the Freudian?
"How could've I smeared this shitWAD all over my harddrive? cha-ching...deleted", and I blasted that alienating imposter of Doom back through the portal leading to the shores of Hell -- where it belongs to fester in its aging state of obsoletion in lite of Doombeta.

There is only one Doom and ...
1. John Carmack
2. ???
3. profit!

Date: 2005-01-20 01:52:18     User: anonymous     Subject: nice new version 0.3, i need help in lv3
Thank you for this nice open-free FPS that my old box can play smoothly. I like the new version 0.3 and i need help in the map 3 : what do i do when i have got the yelow keycard ? (the panel in the next room doesn't seem to work and the blue door is closed now) Thanks again !
Date: 2005-01-20 02:04:03     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: nice new version 0.3, i need help in
BTW i'm using Doom LEGACY v1.41 to run the freedoom wad, I don't know if it's a bug...
Date: 2005-01-20 17:49:10     User: anonymous     Subject: ok i found my way, no problem then
ok i found my way, so it appears it was my fault (but the panel switch seemed buggy, still)
Date: 2005-01-22 10:51:57     User: anonymous     Subject: map 6 is awesome !
i found map 6 is original and awesome. good job !
Date: 2005-12-30 19:39:01     User: anonymous     Subject: I`m loving it
This one really has the feeling of the good old Doom, walking down dark rooms full of fear. I think most of the sprites are okay ... the most important thing about games is playability, and FreeDoom has lots of it. Those who want better grafics and sound could have a look on Cube and the likes, lovers of the classic ones like me should be very happy with FreeDoom. Can`t wait to see the next version of it!!!
Date: 2006-01-06 05:30:45     User: Pxtl     Subject: Re: A little late
Dunno about Q2, but there are similar projects for Q1 and Q3. For Q1, it's OpenQuartz, and for Q3, it's OpenArena.
Date: 2006-05-07 17:03:23     User: anonymous     Subject: good game, but i'm stuck.
I can't get past level four... I just killed everything in the first and second room and now I have no idea where to go. I think the Automap could use a little work, seems kind of innacurate.
Date: 2006-09-05 12:52:21     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: A little late
It's worth noting that a few contributors from the freedoom project have been involved in OpenArena too, carrying across lessons learned trying to manage this type of project.
Date: 2006-09-05 12:57:34     User: anonymous     Subject: requires a boom-compatible doom engine
Hi, although the synopsis lists a link to jdoom, freedoom requires a "boom compatible engine". I would recommend prboom for the job. I think work for boom support in jdoom is in progress.
Date: 2007-04-16 08:41:22     User: anonymous     Subject: Nice
Nice Game, Some enemy graphics could use improvement. Nice easy install with Yumex.
Date: 2007-04-16 08:42:34     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: requires a boom-compatible doom engi
I am running it useing PrBoom, but my brother runs it with Jdoom on Windows.
Date: 2007-07-26 12:53:13     User: Piga     Subject: Re: good game, but i'm stuck.
I am stuck on level three.
Date: 2007-11-21 12:22:05     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: ok i found my way, no problem then
how did you do that ? i can't :(
Date: 2009-01-08 16:09:49     User: dusted     Subject: FreeDoom
Must say I love this game :) It's doom based, and it feels robust and oldskool which are 2 things I like very much :)