Game Sheet: FooBillard
(from the original archive of "The Linux Game Tome")

Description: FooBillard is a free OpenGL-billard game for Linux with realistic physics, AI-player and many gametypes like pool carambol or snooker. The main physics is quite mature but not yet perfect. If you are a billard-pro and you're missing some physics, please tell me. Cause I've implemented it like I think it should work, which might differ from reality.

The following features are implemented:

  • wood paneled table with gold covers and gold diamonds
  • reflections on balls
  • shadow pixmaps
  • detail switching of balls according to distance
  • zoom in/out - hold right mousebutton
  • FOV +/- - hold right mousebutton + CTRL
  • rotate - hold left mousebutton
  • animated queue
  • 8ball, 9ball, snooker, carambol
  • simple AI-Player
  • strength adjustment
  • eccentic hit adjustment (button2-Shift)
  • red/green 3D stereo view !!!
  • sound
  • network play
  • free view mode
Author: Florian BergerCompany:
Version: 3.0aCategory: Simulation
License: freeCost:
Votes: 28      Vote->      Rank: 4.6 / 5        N.A.
Source? Yes     Sound? YesXWindow (X11)? Yes     Console? No
3D Accelleration? Yes     Multiplayer? YesPlay Online? Yes     Submitter: tjwhaynes
Other requirements:
  • An OpenGL implementation
  • libGLU
  • libPNG
  • freetype2
  • SDL or GLUT
Last updated: 2004-04-22 00:47:18


Date: 2002-02-12 23:00:38     User: Fastolfe     Subject: This looks very interesting, but ...
The links to the tarballs are broken, and the mirror link gives a 404. so it's no go for a try.

Since you're asking if you may be missing some physics in your simulator, and I can't try it, let me ask if you implemented these :

  • Friction between the cloth and the balls (masses and follow-throughs)
  • Coriolis effect, when playing with english (curved ball trajectories)
  • Cushion dampening related to the force of the impact with a cushion (that's the effect that makes the exit angle of a ball be different from the entrance angle when bouncing on a band, and also "kills" english)
  • Cueball slip, when striking the ball dead center vertically
  • Cueball temporarily lifting off the cloth when playing low (under the middle of the ball), making it "slide" over the cloth for a certain distance depending on the cue stroke.
  • Different cue strokes (follow-through, "dry", masses ...)
  • Coefficient of friction of the tip and chalk (miscues and normal tip slip with high english)
  • Cue flex with high english (makes the cueball deviate from the alignment of the cue)
  • Cue weight (light cues are fast and deliver more energy but are harder to control effects with)
  • a million other things I can't think of right now :)

    If you've got all that physics right, with adjustable friction coefficients and all, I'll send you money for your efforts. I've tried to code a french billiard simulator long ago (only 3 balls and no pockets) and when I finally realized the abysmal complexity of an accurate simulation, I gave up. Billiard physics is a very though cookie.

  • Date: 2002-03-04 14:30:20     User: anonymous     Subject: Awesome
    Compiled without problem. Great great pool game...
    Date: 2002-03-05 00:36:49     User: risc     Subject: Wicked!
    Thanks for this great game.
    Date: 2002-03-05 02:04:09     User: Pit     Subject: Great!
    This is an absolutely fabulous game. Great optics, realistic physics and a hard-to-beat AI oponent. I really love it.
    Date: 2002-03-07 16:55:04     User: anonymous     Subject: Position of cue
    I can't figure out how to position my cue at a more natural, horizontal level. Maybe there is no effect on gameplay as it is--I don't know. Anyway, the graphics are great, and physics seem really good. All it it lacking is a little sound effects, and maybe a pop-up menu to help with the key commands. I recommend you try it out!
    Date: 2002-03-08 07:05:10     User: tjwhaynes     Subject: Almost there ...
    This is a really impressive pool game, which already is a firm favourite. But there are a few things which I would love to see implemented:

    More game types (snooker, true billiards)
    Natural cue motion (i.e. move the mouse back and forwards to actually strike the ball, rather than using a power meter.
    Jump shots (I don't think this is possible yet) :-)

    Date: 2002-03-11 02:27:08     User: anonymous     Subject: Pretty neat.
    Graphically, this is quite nice - but the controls are not very obvious or intuitive. One glaringly bad thing is that you can see the AI player move his cue *through* the other balls when there is a tight pack of them around the cue ball. That's important because he ends up having a wider range of possible shots than he should. Still, this is looking like a *great* project - and it's clearly going to get much better as time goes on.
    Date: 2002-03-25 10:10:35     User: anonymous     Subject: new features
    Impressive game but there are a few features I really would like to see.

    - a fullscreen mode (using SLD?)

    - with XFree 4.x, the wheel is mapped to the mouse buttons 4 &5 instead of page-up and page-down.

    - When the opponent play, the view could automatically move to a predefined location where the table is fully visible.

    Date: 2002-03-25 11:05:34     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: new features
    I forgot this one:

    - a free movement mode (to inspect the balls closely)

    Date: 2002-03-25 11:20:44     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: new features
    yes i already thought bout a fullscreenmode.
    what is SLD?

    i use imwheel in XFree 4.X unfortunately buttons 4,5 are not supported in glut.

    a seperate opponent view might be an idea, maybe switchable, becaus i like to mouse around while the opponent is playing

    the free movement is somehow in work. i only ponder around how to pack it most useful in a mousebutton (or combination). i want to keep the keyboard hits minimized.
    Date: 2002-03-26 11:01:12     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: new features
    Sorry. That was of course SDL. I was probably under LSD when I typed the message :-) Your code is clean so that shouldn't be so difficult. I will try to do it myself.

    the wheel is properly reported by glut. the argument 'button' of MouseEvent takes the value 4 or 5. It works 'wheel' with XFree 4.1

    Date: 2002-03-26 11:46:17     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: new features
    could be a lot cleaner for my taste *sob*. actually there were people urging me to port it to SDL - actually one person (you?).
    btw, could you try to leave the glut code intact (using some #define USE_SDL)

    button==4,5 - ah, i didnt dare to use un#defined values :-)
    Date: 2002-03-27 01:07:16     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: This looks very interesting, but ...
    u talk too much
    Date: 2002-04-06 20:06:15     User: anonymous     Subject: Some minor details for such a nice game
    First let me tell you this game looks great. I enjoy a lot playing it.
    I have played about 10 games and i haven't been able to beat the AI :)

    But i have noticed 3 minor details while playing it:

    - While placing the white ball after a fault you can place it "overwriting" another balls
    - When AI plays with full colored balls (balls like number 8) he/her hits the nr 8 ball like if it wasn't fault to hit it before a colored ball.
    - Sound effects would be great, just the sound of balls colliding... Maybe if the game uses SDL as someone suggested this would be easy? uh i dont know much about programming, nor about writing in english :)

    My rating: 6 / 5 stars
    Very nice job


    Date: 2002-04-07 17:11:42     User: dejan     Subject: One of the best games I have played
    on Linux
    Date: 2002-04-08 11:07:24     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: One of the best games I have played
    Date: 2002-04-08 11:18:34     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Some minor details for such a nice g
    im already workin on the first point
    point 2 - i see..., added to my todo list
    point 3 - sound effects - yes, its about time, actually im familiar in sound programming, but there are still a few features i want to implement before this (network-play, free move mode, menu)
    Date: 2002-05-16 09:10:08     User: dejan     Subject: One of the best openSource games ever!
    I reallz think that! I have plazed so manz 3D games on Linux and I think this game is amazing! I hope FooBillard developer(s) should see how users of this game is satisfied with it. FooBillard has already took 40 hours of my life! :)
    Date: 2002-05-17 03:23:37     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: One of the best openSource games eve
    your message has reached me (the developer), heavy thanx - floh
    Date: 2002-05-17 05:09:34     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Awesome
    hmm , I had problems. (V1.4) font.c:25: `#include' expects "FILENAME" or [FILENAME] which was... src/font.c:#include FT_FREETYPE_H angle brackets instead of square of course :-)
    Date: 2002-05-30 08:16:23     User: anonymous     Subject: Hervorragend
    Desired: sound without SDL
    Date: 2002-08-02 14:54:21     User: anonymous     Subject: Excellent pool game
    Very good pool game. I would really like to have a pool que for my aiming rather than the hashed line though. But all in all a very good gmae..
    Date: 2002-08-21 17:42:14     User: redomen     Subject: Foo
    A few minor gameplay bugs but still a great 3d pool game.
    Date: 2002-10-01 08:53:41     User: jerrywkwong     Subject: Re: Foo
    Where can I get the :
    Date: 2002-10-01 12:00:18     User: penguin_lover     Subject: oh goodness
    its hard as hell! still i give it 5 stars
    Date: 2002-10-01 22:06:00     User: anonymous     Subject: Wow
    Blown away by beautiful graphics and clean design. Now if I could only play pool worth a darn...
    Date: 2002-10-12 23:03:09     User: anonymous     Subject: super cool
    this game has great graphics (reflections off the ball and the whole deal), but it is very hard. none the less, you definetly wanna download it
    Date: 2002-10-13 16:54:39     User: psychonate22     Subject: help!
    i cannot find these libraries anywhere online. PLEASE if you know where i can get them, POST IT. i need and
    Date: 2002-10-21 01:42:11     User: anonymous     Subject: Great game, Too Easy
    There should be difficulty ratings. Currently I would rate it as easy, though some might disagree therefor you should have an experience level rating system. Overall I really enjoyed the game but it gets boring without some more challenge. Perhaps you could have characters that you play against in a tournament mode. One harder than the last.
    Date: 2002-10-21 04:50:06     User: anonymous     Subject: cant get it to work
    compiled with default option but it segfault when i try to run it. using RH7.3 with SDL 1.2.5
    Date: 2002-10-21 06:18:30     User: anonymous     Subject: screenshots?
    Does anybody have a screenshot of the realtime rendered cubemap ball reflections? They just have old ones on
    Date: 2002-10-21 11:16:40     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: screenshots?
    your wish is my command... now theres one realtime rendered reflection screenshot
    Date: 2002-12-03 04:38:33     User: anonymous     Subject: Compilation, ergonomy and game types
    Binaries run great on my debian, anyway it doesn't compile (undefined reference to some gl*NV functions). xlibmesa-dev-d 2002.10.17-1 DRI CVS mach64 version of Mesa 3D graphics l xlibmesa3-dri- 2002.10.17-1 DRI CVS mach64 version of Mesa 3D graphics l I remember an old ms-dos billiard where the que shot were directly controlled by the mouse, with several controls (ctrl, alt, shift...) the mouse controlled angle, point of strike on the ball, and then you move the mouse just as if you handled the que in you hand, it gave an amazing realism to the game. It would be great to have what is called "english billiard" in France (red and yellow balls in a triangle, each player get a color at the beginning)
    Date: 2002-12-03 14:10:54     User: anonymous     Subject: Very Nice
    This game is stunning and the physics seem flawless. The controls are a little difficult to use, having to switch to cue mode to adjust the spin on the cueball and then switch back to "dotted line" mode to aim. Asides from that it very good.
    Date: 2002-12-03 15:19:13     User: penguin_lover     Subject: to the maker
    I was wondering if Its possible for a windows port. It looks awsome I would absolutly love a windows port
    Date: 2002-12-03 16:01:24     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: to the maker
    v1.6 is already ported - see the downloads
    Date: 2002-12-03 16:51:56     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: to the maker
    really? Ill check
    Date: 2002-12-05 22:50:25     User: nilfilter     Subject: Very nice, needs polishing though
    First off, this game has a very high potential, but where there is light there's shadow too.


  • Very nice graphics, animations, and sounds (the pocket sound may be changed to something more characteristic though).
  • Multiplayer (not played yet)
  • Various billard flavours


  • Snooker fouls: These need serious rework (mentioned in TODO file), e.g. the AI simply plays any coloured ball when it can't hit a red one w/o getting a penalty.
  • Can't play white ball with spin
  • No ~/.foobillardrc?! If it matters, I compiled 2.0 and installed it as a .deb created by checkinstall. I couldn't also find it in the install dir.

    With the above errors/drawbacks fixed, FooBillard will easily get 5 stars.

  • Date: 2002-12-06 04:39:02     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Very nice, needs polishing though
    white ball can spin!!! .foobillardrc file is optional: can be created by hand - simply the commandline options without the preceeding '--' i think theres even a template in the distro. snooker code is poor, i admit - just sloppy coded in a few hours (not ever having played snooker) -floh
    Date: 2002-12-06 08:17:01     User: nilfilter     Subject: Re: Very nice, needs polishing though
    white ball can spin!!!
    Got it to work with the help of another player and have therefore increased my rating to 4 stars.

    i think theres even a template in the distro.
    Thanks, I am using it now.

    snooker code is poor, i admit - just sloppy coded in a few hours (not ever having played snooker)
    You can find the proper rules on This page also contains information about snooker fouls.

    Date: 2002-12-06 13:46:54     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: to the maker
    what about 2.0, will 2.0 ever be ported?
    Date: 2002-12-07 06:28:28     User: skovbaer83     Subject: Re: help! and
    Date: 2002-12-07 06:32:16     User: skovbaer83     Subject: Re: help!
    but I wonder, why would you even care about using directfb? don't u have ordinary glx OpenGL available?
    Date: 2002-12-12 13:07:43     User: octavsly     Subject: That's a nice one
    If you like billiard/pool that's the game to play. Octav'
    Date: 2002-12-15 22:28:35     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Very Nice
    How do you spin the ball?
    Date: 2002-12-16 05:27:19     User: anonymous     Subject: Easy actually
    This game is really easy actually. The AI is not dumb. He beat me :) But the controls with the arrow keys and return is just amazing. Reminds me about a pool game I used to play on the Amiga :) Or was that snooker? One thing you should implement in this game. When you do not touch the balls for a while, they should make faces to you and run around the snooker table. (Used to do that on the 'ol game on Amiga). Was always a laugh :) Keep up the good work!
    Date: 2002-12-16 05:34:11     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Easy actually
    I believe you're referring to one of the Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker games.
    Date: 2002-12-16 12:47:15     User: stirliz     Subject: I love this game :)
    Well, the AI is not perfect, e.g. it's skill level should be adjustable, but from the graphics point this game is just the best billiard that runs on Linux I've ever seen.
    Date: 2002-12-17 00:36:12     User: anonymous     Subject: Can not compile in Gentoo
    I have all the required libraries, but I get an error each time I try to compile the sourcecode (2.1). Will this be fixed? (get ALOT of warnings too about unused variables).
    Date: 2002-12-17 03:57:51     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Can not compile in Gentoo

    Shift "char str[256];" from line 570 src/billard3d.c to line 566, right after "char filename[512];".

    I have already reported this problem, and it should have been fixed in version 2.2. At the time of this posting, version 2.2 is not on the main page, but you can get it at


    Date: 2002-12-21 13:26:00     User: anonymous     Subject: foobillard
    Very nice game, but the ai player is too good. Its almost impossible to win playing against ai player.
    Date: 2002-12-22 13:23:55     User: anonymous     Subject: Missing libs
    Hey! I´m kind of new with Linux and when I tried to install this game (the rpm version) on RH8.0 it says I need two files installed. One has the name Anyone knows what to do? Í have the SDL that come with RH8.0.
    Date: 2002-12-23 18:25:06     User: psychonate22     Subject: great
    my favorite billiard game, but needs work- specifically on network play. For one, after one player leaves, the other player's game freezes up. Still an awesome and really fun game though and of course five stars.
    Date: 2003-01-07 23:33:48     User: silent_strike     Subject: Good stuff
    The game looks professional. The physics 'feel' really good (although I am just a novice pool player).
    Date: 2003-01-10 06:30:11     User: nath     Subject: Re: Missing libs
    You could try and search for the library name there. Then install the version for RH8.0.
    Date: 2003-01-20 15:36:04     User: dejan     Subject: This game is keeping better and better!
    Really, FooBillard is awesome project. IMHO it's one of the best OpenSource game projects EVER!
    Date: 2003-02-02 10:08:31     User: cneumann     Subject: Excellent
    Excellent simulation! The only thing I'm missing is a game mode in which you can place the balls like you want.
    Date: 2003-03-08 07:45:42     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: This looks very interesting, but ...
    Your game sounds really cool, but the main reson im sending this is because Im doing some phyics coursework involving snooker, and i need a good estimation for the coefficient of (sliding) friction for the ball and the felt table. Its so i can model a ball that has ben struck by another ball and is initially sliding. I cant find the coeff. anywhere, if you can help it would be great thanx.
    Date: 2003-03-12 05:09:20     User: wonea     Subject: Perfect!
    Could do with; replay ability better multiplayer support (with betting) trick shot mode ...and possibly something to load in a background, by VRML file or something. Apart from those points its an amazing game, good to play, while waiting for a download.
    Date: 2003-03-12 19:37:16     User: grolschie     Subject: Excellent game!
    It's a great game. I apt-get'ed it from Debian. It looks and even sounds real. I mean the computer moving his cue/stick is realistic. In my country we call the game "pool", as billiards is a different game (although played on the same table). The GUI could be a little better, I mean, sthe game starts without a menu, and you have to press ESC to get the menu. The menu system is a little hard to navigate when starting a new game. The controls are not exactly easy to figure immediately. However, it is still a VERY slick professional looking game. I still give it a five star rating, because of realism and gameplay.
    Date: 2003-03-13 19:32:50     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: .
    Care to elaborate on this message and the justification for this insulting rating?
    Date: 2003-03-13 20:04:39     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: .
    It's been done where? Has it been done this well? Did you run the game, or did you see an entry for a pool game, roll your eyes, and dash off a quick, thoughtless comment? This comment area is for people to share their opinions about the games. You insult both the game creator and everyone else in this forum when you post something like this.

    Please understand, I am not taking issue with the rating you gave Foobillard, I am taking issue with the apparent thoughtlessness with which you did it.

    Date: 2003-03-14 05:34:13     User: wonea     Subject: Re: .
    True, yes it has been done. But so has a gui environment? So your saying KDE & Gnome & others are pointless/waste of time? Yes, we do have classics such as Archer McCleans Pool, or Jimmy Whites Snooker. These are either dated, closed and now gathering dust. FooBilliard is open source, very popular (with good reason), and will no doubt develop into a even more splendid game given time. Hopefully in the future, we may see FooBilliard ranked as one of the top open source projects, up their with Flightgear.
    Date: 2003-03-14 13:32:51     User: johnny     Subject: more features wanted!
    Definitely a very very cool game, but i still feel the need of more features.
    Did you ever play with Virtual Pool 3? Once i tried it and its real-time ball traces were amazing (means that it will show the ball traces while still lining up the shot.
    Date: 2003-03-14 15:21:55     User: harpin     Subject: Re: more features wanted!
    no, i havent ever played vitual pool.
    and actually, what you are suggesting isnt implemented intentionaly (wouldnt be a big deal after all).
    but i think one should play billiards with foobillard instead of playing around with something named foobillard that can be used for playing billiards.
    ok, maybe this was terrible english...
    what i mean is, very often some extended features tend to kill the game behind the program, which i really want to avoid.
    however, maybe one could think of something like this in training mode, but even then, somehow restricted to the 1st collision or such.

    Date: 2003-03-14 23:22:20     User: papagna     Subject: FooBillard
    Date: 2003-03-15 08:53:54     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Missing libs
    Nah, it wont really work at all on redhatish systems.. wont compile, parase errors in font.c, rpm's wont work, using Nvidia's libGLcore here, missing symbols when relocating. It's a real mess on non-Debian. -craiger (computer science graduate, can't get foobillard to work on redhat)
    Date: 2003-03-15 17:17:47     User: anonymous     Subject: What a plonker
    Blatantly rude people like this guy don't come back to read your remarks. Tell him what you think direct: [email protected]
    Date: 2003-03-26 09:59:44     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: foobillard
    I would like to try this game
    Date: 2003-04-09 05:11:55     User: anonymous     Subject: problem =(
    Great game - I play it on my friend's system. On mine though, I cant install it. I'm using Nvidia driver 1.0-4349 and during install of the game it says I need I cannot install that without installing an earlier nvidia kernel. Is there a way around this?
    Date: 2003-04-10 20:19:06     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: problem =(
    I haven't tried that driver. I have used 41.91 31.23 and etc. Seems like your OpenGL X packages need to be installed. Always install OpenGL/Mesa for X then install NVidias. NVidia will then place symlinks to the one's it wants. So yeah, the game is great. You are just lacking a file needed by most OpenGL games.
    Date: 2003-04-11 00:37:27     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: problem =(
    I installed an older version of the game and it works fine - minus sound. The one I had trouble with is the latest SDL version. I am running the newest vVidia driver that installs kernal and gl packages - thay are not seperate anymore. Thank you very much for your reply.
    Date: 2003-04-11 07:46:35     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: problem =(
    PROBLEM SOLVED! Just had to use the --nodeps option to install. Ah! The magic and frustrations of rpm =P
    Date: 2003-04-12 15:47:11     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: problem =(
    Try Debian and kiss your dependany hell goodbye forever (if using official packages).
    Date: 2003-04-12 15:50:48     User: anonymous     Subject: I love this game!
    EXCELLENT, well polished, professional game. The sounds and action are realistic!

    Everything about this game is excellent except:
    * The AI player fouls by not hitting his ball first * When the AI player misses the black on his last turn, but game is not forfeited. * A few other rule-type problems.

    The winner rotating text is hard to read due to camera angles. Also, the game should start with the menu visable, and the "restart game" menu options could be simplified.
    Date: 2003-05-02 04:29:23     User: anonymous     Subject: almost perfect now
    Wonderful ! The previous versions had little problems, such as non modifiable AI difficulty, but now all is perfect ! Thanks for this game. NB : The rpm asks for nvidia rpm drivers, but if you have installed drivers from nvidia executable, you must do rpm -i --nodeps foobillard
    Date: 2003-05-02 05:51:23     User: phil     Subject: Very nice !
    Foobillard is very beautifull ! All movements are very smooth. It's a real pleasure to play this game. Thanks a lot ;-) Keep the good works guys !
    Date: 2003-05-02 11:55:58     User: anonymous     Subject: Great man
    Date: 2003-06-11 21:06:01     User: psychonate22     Subject: welll
    well you can always depend on a new release of foobillard with just as much genuine fun and cool graphics :) I love this game.
    Date: 2003-07-02 05:22:30     User: mrew     Subject: FooBillard
    This game is great and comtinues to improve with every release. There are, however, a couple of minor points with the snooker rules that stop it attaining perfection. (I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, but here goes anyway...) Firstly, after potting the cue-ball, I find that the opponent is unable to move the cue-ball within the D after it is re-spotted. This can be very irritating if your opponent pots the white, and the ball is re-spotted putting you in a snooker behind a bulk colour. In addition, on the shot subsequent to this shot, the cue-ball can be moved about (and shouldn't be able to be). Secondly, it would be nice if after your opponent commits a foul (of any type), that you have the option to "put your opponent back in" and make them take the next shot. This prevents situations where you end up in a snooker after your opponent fouls. There are probably a few other subtle rules changes, but I think these two would make a huge difference. In any case, I really like this game and always look forward to each release. Keep them coming please. I'll shut up now...
    Date: 2003-07-03 00:57:22     User: grolschie     Subject: Various rules:
    Yeah I noticed a few fouls committed that went unnoticed by the computer referee during the normal default game of pool. Many places have different rules when a foul is commited. One way of playing is to give the other player the option of removing one of his opponents balls, or placing one of his own back on the table.

    I also noticed that when only the black ball remains and the computer player misses the black completely, that this is not recorded as a foul and game over. Or if he sinks the white off the black in this scenario, it should also be game over.
    Date: 2003-07-03 02:07:23     User: anonymous     Subject: Love watching this game progress
    Be cool if Foo had a multiplayer option where you could connect to a main server, which kept your name with a point count/wins/loses/time played. Anyway getting ahead of myself here... Just dreaming of playing other FooBillarders! Also how about some chalk?
    Date: 2003-07-17 11:29:48     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Missing libs
    I found a RPM version for redhat 9, and it works. :)
    Date: 2003-08-01 09:24:54     User: grumbel     Subject: Well done
    Graphic looks good, physics also seem to be ok, sound is there as well and good. The whole userinterface is a bit non-intuitive, to much shift-clicks and such, a few on-screen GUI buttons could help here a lot. Zoom and rotates also have too much of a smooth roll out, makes feel spongy and difficult to position precisely. The F1-help takes a bit long until it shows up, I guess its regenerated on each display. There are also quite a few options that are hidden in the menu that shows up on Escape-press, that menu is pretty ugly and chumbersome to navigate through and doesn't give much hint on what the option really do and doesn't ask for confirmation if one changes the game mode. Overall look pretty promising, but a userinterface cleanup/rewrite is needed sooner or later.
    Date: 2003-11-10 07:34:24     User: anonymous     Subject: dodo
    very easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    Date: 2003-11-11 17:40:27     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Love watching this game progress
    lol chalk, don't you think that might be overdoing it a bit?
    Date: 2003-11-26 10:13:58     User: mbabuskov     Subject: Great!
    The game is great. I like the look & feel of it very much.

    There are just few things I miss:
    • pocketed ball doesn't make any sound
    • the camera is placed "inside" the stick while aiming. IMHO, it would be more realistic to place camera above the stick. That way, the stick could always be visible, and it would be more like playing "real" biliard game.
    • it would be good option to have some key that will place camera at ceiling, directly above the center of table, and "looking" down at center of table. This can give good overview of the table. Pressing the same key again should return to previous camera position.
    • it would also be good to have the option to keep the camera in fixed position after the shot. Position would change after all balls stop.

    Date: 2003-11-28 14:32:11     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Great!
    1) hmm, didnt miss that till now, but ill think about it. 2) i will consider this cause the direct cue view always led to confusion somehow.
    3) try F2
    4) in non-cue-view (F3) this is the case already

    Date: 2003-12-25 01:45:48     User: anonymous     Subject: a Billard table, tha balls and a queue
    I remembered "Sharkey's pool billard" (or similar) from my DOS-times and was looking for a game that had the same realistic physics. Not even was I demanding higher resolutions or color depth.

    Foo Billard is a wonderful discovery. It met all my expectations and just added those beautiful graphics.

    So much for the praise. The user interface is not intuitiv enough, although all information is quickly accessible. It is especially tricky to change the game type and players' names. I am never sure about which of my selections is already accepted and which state I am actually in.
    Computer opponents ignore the rules a little too often and they rather randomly do the black 8 prematurely.

    A beautiful game and even the physics are alright, for a change.
    Date: 2004-03-22 05:28:23     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: This looks very interesting, but ...
    Good points. I am a 3-cushion player. The angles for the carom game don't seem to be correct. Especially slide and friction between ball to cloth and ball-to-rails and varying speeds. There is also ball-to-ball friction that must be taken into account.
    Date: 2004-04-22 07:35:48     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Love watching this game progress
    Keeping a running score would be cool. It'd be fun to see how people rank vs. one another... scoring could be really easy, too: 10 pts for a win and however many balls you drop if you lose. ie... lose w/ 1 ball left on the table would be 6 pts. Then you can have averages to match up with other players. You played 4 games and got 27 pts total, that would give you an average of 6.75. Then you could look for other pool players around the 6-7 average for a good game.
    Date: 2004-04-29 00:06:36     User: anonymous     Subject: network play
    I want to play network game. where can I play network game? Are there any sever for foobilliard?
    Date: 2004-05-12 12:25:37     User: psj     Subject: great fun and superb graphics

    Date: 2004-06-03 21:56:34     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Awesome
    I had this same problem with a different program. In order to fix, it I changed my ftheader.h file to define the FT_FREETYPE_H to the correct path of my freetype.h file.
    Date: 2004-08-31 06:49:42     User: anonymous     Subject: Nice game but show stopper flaws
    I've played this for a while now. The controls are actually better than any other billard game I've played after you get used to them. And it's pretty enough. But the fouls HAVE to be sorted out! I only play 8 ball and 9 ball. The foul line is the problem. In almost all versions of 9 ball and the best versions of 8 ball, the opposting player gets cue ball in hand over the whole table...the foul line doesn't come in to play at all. For those who want the foul line it should be an option to toggle on and off. Also, when the foul line is in play, you shouldn't be able to hit a ball behind it without first hitting a rail in front of it. It would also be nice if you could configure the game to play different versions of the games. AI is very simple even at the highest skill level...but gives me an opponent I can beat. A counter of some sort would be about one of those built into the table? Or maybe coins under the points like in pool halls?
    Date: 2004-08-31 07:09:05     User: anonymous     Subject: Nice to haves and other ideas
    1. Toggle whether scratch or early pocket on the 8 or 9 ball ends the game or just gets spotted. 2. Same with a ball that gets pocketed on a foul. Implement push out for 9 nine ball. 3. Give a little extra oomph option on the break...seems I can't break as hard as I can in real life. Have you thought about adding a Trick Shot game to this? One with props would be AWESOME and it seems like you're into this for athestics. There is a new billiard game that is a golf course on a pool table. That'd be fun if, too.
    Date: 2004-08-31 07:28:22     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Nice to haves and other ideas
    A called shots option would be nice as well.
    Date: 2004-09-01 07:20:38     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Nice to haves and other ideas
    In 8 ball you should have the option of not being forced to take solid or stripe based on the ball you made on the break. You should have the option of taking the ball you make on a normal shot.
    Date: 2004-09-18 13:48:16     User: larson9999     Subject: Almost there.
    When all the rules get implemented, I'll raise my rating. It's already a fun pool game but not quite a 5.
    Date: 2004-11-26 11:04:16     User: zz9pluralzalpha     Subject: In-off
    Just now, I was playing snooker vs. the AI. There was a red (A) by a side pocket. It lined up a shot on a different red (B), into this pocket. B bounced off A and went in, sending A up off the table and into space! Pretty cool.
    Date: 2005-03-17 03:53:43     User: anonymous     Subject: Steep learning curve
    Really nice looking game, but the learning curve is steep. A better interface is needed, IMHO.
    Date: 2005-05-06 18:30:08     User: anonymous     Subject: Keep on work on it
    The game has a great potential, camera controls are very poor anyway.. i hate to shot and not to see where balls are going. A simple "walk around the table" view (camera points always to the center of the table and position changes with the mouse, like virtual pool) would solve this problem... Another great pity is the lack of a background image.... a simple 360° picture mad with hugin or any other stitcher tools would work.
    Date: 2005-08-10 10:45:35     User: petevine     Subject: Great simulation

    Date: 2005-08-16 18:31:14     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Keep on work on it
    the camera controls are fine if you read the help.
    Date: 2005-09-01 12:56:35     User: bigfatdude     Subject: foobilliard
    Excellent game! The computer is a little too good, even on medium, though.
    Date: 2005-09-05 11:08:15     User: soccerboi     Subject: Best Pool Simulation PERIOD
    Something about this game just draws you into it. I find myself playing this game an hour at a time, which is pretty amazing, because I usually only play for 30-45 minutes. The physics, the detailed graphics, the highly detailed tables, make this game an amazing one.
    Date: 2005-10-22 18:20:32     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Steep learning curve
    LMFAO.........your an idiot! there is nothing wrong with the interface..........the problem is between the keyboard and the chair................moron
    Date: 2005-12-24 05:50:26     User: anonymous     Subject: dark corners...
    Greetings, although I like this game already, I have a strange problem that I cannot find a solution to. I always wondered, why the corners of the table in my game are so dim lit; when the black ball lies in these shadows, it's outlines are hard to see, making aiming extra hard. The lighting looks like coming from four directions, producing extra dark overlapped rectangle shadows. Then I saw the screenshots on this site for the first time and noticed, that it should actually not look like this. I'm using SuSE10.0OSS, Radeon9800Pro/fglrx, SuSE's own distro-package. What are the --poslight/--dirlight options actually for? Doesn't make a difference on my machine... -Andy.
    Date: 2006-08-13 21:41:20     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Steep learning curve
    seems like the person who made the game was ur dad
    Date: 2006-08-16 23:27:01     User: anonymous     Subject: Some issues
    I almost exclusively play snooker and there are few issues that prevent FooBillard to be rated 5:
  • One can hit the cue ball everywhere, even at impossible places like the bottom part of it when against the border of the table or through another ball;
  • When a spot the replace a colour ball is encombered, the ball should be replaced on the next higher value spot available if any, on the highest value available spot otherwise. This is not correctly implemented.

    The graphic engine is otherwise very appealling. Good work!
  • Date: 2006-09-16 09:03:58     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Some issues
    I love this game but I only have one complaint so far. Since I can't always see the whole table all at once, I can't always tell what I sink first. In other words, am I low ball or high ball (solid or stripes)? It would be nice to see that info, perhaps as a small window with a 2D representation of the table, holes and info on who is low/high ball. This might also present a way to call shots (call a pocket, another missing feature). Yet another idea: allow some way for players to find each other on the internet.
    Date: 2006-09-16 10:50:42     User: gevaerts     Subject: Re: Some issues
    When a spot the replace a colour ball is encombered, the ball should be replaced on the next higher value spot available if any, on the highest value available spot otherwise.
    As I am the one who implemented these rules in foobillard, I'd like to see a reference on this. In the rules on, section 3 7.d says:
    (d) If a colour has to be spotted and its own spot is occupied, it shall be placed on the highest value spot available.
    I can't find anything about the next higher value spot.
    Date: 2006-09-18 04:30:10     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Some issues
    Also if a player scratches when hitting the 8-ball (first) in the game of 8-ball, he is supposed to lose. I've seen the AI player do this and the game continue.
    Date: 2006-09-18 04:31:47     User: anonymous     Subject: Cutthroat
    I would like to see Cutthroat added. It would be great for internet play...especially if players can find each other.
    Date: 2006-12-17 03:13:15     User: anonymous     Subject: [email protected]
    Casa bunqo inqubitum lorem!
    Date: 2009-05-23 19:41:22     User: Shadoglare     Subject: Pretty but unplayable
    This is a game that I wish I could like, as it's got some nice graphics and the physics seem to work well - however the player controls are just absolutely horrible, to the point where I pretty much consider the game unplayable. Game options are totally unintuitive, and it took me a little while to even figure out how to start playing, as it just throws you right into a table view without giving you a game menu or anything, forcing you to pretty much just jack around with the keyboard (after noting that the mouse doesn't seem to do much) until you figure out how to make something happen. There is a sort-of help menu if you hit F1, but the coders just assume the players will think to hit this - regardless of how many apps use F1 as a help system, it's now so rare to actually *have* to hit this to find the help option in an application that I doubt few people would actually think of it. Not only that but it seems like the controls just seem to change on a whim sometimes - the way something worked a few minutes ago will suddenly stop working that way. There's a line that comes off of the cue ball that I had assumed is the ball's "aim," but it seems like it's not unusual to use the arrow keys to revolve the view until this line points where you want, only to have the pool ball take off in a completely different or sideways direction. Allegedly there is an AI player you can play against but I have yet to figure out how to start a game with it. Great game from the technical side, but leaves a LOT to be desired as far as actual playability.
    Date: 2009-10-06 20:59:10     User: trb7     Subject: FooBillard
    Well, it's playable once you learn the controls :) I have to check out the other billard games, but i quite like this one, never managed to get internet games working though, and i think development stalled, but quite a nice project.