Game Sheet: FIFE
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Description: The mission of the FIFE project is to create a cross platform game creation framework. Exact engine feature list changes over time, but the following lists the main guidelines for development
* Games can be created with combination of engine, editor tools, game specific scripts and game content (e.g. maps, graphics and sounds).
* Framework is not tied to any type of game (e.g. RTS, RPG), but instead provides flexible platform for all of them.
* Framework supports different isometric views with addition of pure top-down view.
* Instead of full 3D flexibility, engine focuses mainly on using high quality 2D graphics. This puts less demands on target platforms and also simplifies the framework and game development.
* Purpose of the editor tools is to help to bind the game content with the engine and scripts.
Author: FIFE developing teamCompany: FIFE team
Version: 0.3.2r2Category: Code
License: freeCost:
Votes: 7      Vote->      Rank: 4.9 / 5        N.A.
Source? Yes     Sound? YesXWindow (X11)? Yes     Console? No
3D Accelleration? Yes     Multiplayer? NoPlay Online? No     Submitter: mvBarracuda
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FIFE screenshot gallery:
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Date: 2006-05-21 02:10:02     User: anonymous     Subject: Great idea!

Fallout 1/2 is probably the best RPG I've ever played. I would like to see more games like this and to play the original games using any OS I want.

Another important step for creating free games that are similar to Fallout, would be to create a CC/GPL/free art-pool. I hope to see more games that are as great as Fallout.

Date: 2006-05-21 04:23:31     User: Gabriel     Subject: Re: Great idea!
So then... can anoyone create Fallout 1 and 2 + tactics with this? Thanks :)
Date: 2006-05-21 05:14:04     User: mvBarracuda     Subject: Re: Great idea!
How about you? ;-) Seriously: if you recycle Fallout content with FIFE and offer it for download, you'll get into copyright troubles. That's the reason why the FIFE team does NOT port the original Fallout campaigns to FIFE. Fallout tactics file formats are not supported by FIFE yet and prolly never will be. Our engine is designed modular so if anyone wants to go through the hassle: feel free to write some code and provide FO:T support as patches :-)
Date: 2006-05-21 06:28:43     User: anonymous     Subject: FIFE
FIFE is the successor of the IanOut project.
Date: 2006-05-21 07:27:31     User: mvBarracuda     Subject: Re: FIFE

That's at least partially right.

I've searched for new developers who wanted to contribute to ianout about 1 year ago. We found a whole bunch of interested devs and the team agreed to start working on a new ianout version. Unfortunately the ianout project leader didn't really wanted to cooperate.

So all the new ianout devs decided to found an own project without the ianout project leader; this was FIFE. The most important reason why we aren't the official succeesor: we haven't recycled a single line of ianout code for FIFE. FIFE was written from scratch and this was a good decision to avoid license troubles (ianout used the OSS license, FIFE uses GPL 2.0). Furthermore the old ianout code was really poor written; it was crappy code from the engine design perspective and not really encapsulated at all.

The main difference between FIFE and ianout is, that FIFE is meant to become a platform for all kind of different 2D ISO RPGs. We're already using a system for a flexible map geometry so you can use FIFE even for non-Fallout-like games.

All in all you could say that FIFE is the unofficial successor of ianout :-)

Date: 2006-05-22 14:50:31     User: Gabriel     Subject: Re: Great idea!
Unfortunately I'm a gamer, not a programmer. But should your program work like a Disciples 2 or Homm3 map editor, than it would be an awesome thing LOL :)
Date: 2006-05-27 07:08:32     User: anonymous     Subject: FIFE
Links don't work, i only get "Diese Präsenz ist leider nicht verfügbar"
Date: 2006-05-28 01:34:57     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: FIFE
"This operational readiness level is not available unfortunately" (ty to google)
Date: 2006-05-28 01:37:42     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: FIFE
Further to the above, the following was posted on FIFE's sourceforge mailing list:-

I want to inform you that the FIFE homepage (and the whole wiki too) is down at the moment. This was a pretty active month with a lot of new visitors and unfortunately we've already hit the 10GB traffic limit at the 23rd of the the month.

This happened for the first time now and I'm not really sure what to do :-/ I guess I'll move the compile SDK from the ftp to sourceforge as it was the file that generated the most traffic. Unfortunately the amount of "real" traffic (traffic that is caused by the forums, wiki, news page) is really high too. ATM I'm paying 10� per month for the hosting package (10GB traffic) and I don't really intend to upgrade to a better but more expensive package.

Any ideas how to solve the problem? Any good webhosters around that offer mysql / php for free? Or maybe we should try to find a sponsor for the webhosting; but I guess that we're still too small for sponsering. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. The homepage will be back up at the first of June.

Greetings, barra


Date: 2006-05-30 07:34:14     User: mvBarracuda     Subject: Re: FIFE
The page is up again :-) One of our members kindly volunteered to pay 3 months for a hosting upgrade. So with the new hosting, we hope that we don't hit the 20GB limit in the future.
Date: 2007-01-10 10:30:43     User: Kropemann     Subject: Because
The attempt alone deserves a fiver. Hope you'll get it playable soon.
Date: 2007-01-10 13:28:20     User: mvBarracuda     Subject: Re: Because
Thanks for the kind words :-) ATM it's most important to finally find a programmer who wants to work on our editor tool. We've been searching for months to find a developer who wanted to try but he did leave the project for private reasons. Now we're still trying to fill this position. Without an editor tool the engine won't be of much use alone :-/
Date: 2007-01-11 00:50:33     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: FIFE
Also, you can move your file from ftp to a bittorrent feed. It's easy to set up and saves a lot of traffic.
Date: 2007-01-11 05:38:45     User: mvBarracuda     Subject: Re: FIFE
No need for that anymore :-) We've upgraded our hosting and got 200GB traffic per month now. So we can offer these kind of files from our fast server and do need to use torrents. Though this would be a great alternative indeed if we wouldn't have upgraded our hosting.
Date: 2007-01-17 02:21:27     User: Rotonen     Subject: FIFE

Date: 2007-04-29 00:23:44     User: prygme     Subject: FIFE

Date: 2007-10-13 15:24:25     User: rogerdv     Subject: 3d geometry?
that sounds great!
Date: 2007-10-13 22:48:09     User: FluXy     Subject: Greato
I love Fallout and Fife !
Date: 2007-10-14 23:39:02     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Great idea!
if FIFE became something easy to mod for idiot gamers like myself, i'd be more than happy to pump out a few dozen blender models. Too often devs think like programmers and not the idiot gamers that use them. (idiot meaning non-programmer) I always really liked the way crossfire handled data in xml files, which made it incredibly easy to create new custom items/spells/monsters/etc. I've seen a few projects where you have to recompile everything if you make any changes. Any time you make something you think people will use, the easier you make it to modify, the bigger your userbase will be.
Date: 2008-02-04 22:07:36     User: timong.balden     Subject: FIFE
Congrats, looks better and better !
Date: 2010-02-10 16:04:28     User: jaeger487     Subject: Nice work!
It's been a while but finally an update. Looking better and better for every release and the documentation updates are nice too. Keep it up!