Game Sheet: BlockOut II

Description: BlockOut II is a 3-dimensional Tetris-like game. Pieces made out of cubes fall constantly into a pit and your task is to avoid the pit to fill up as long as possible and gain a high score. You can move and rotate the pieces along all axes while they are falling. When a slice in the pit is completely filled with blocks, the blocks disappear, giving you more room to play. The pieces start to fall very slowly but will become faster the longer you play.
The pieces can be as simple as a single 1×1×1 cube, or a 2×1×1 bar, or they can be complex shapes spreading in all dimensions. Each piece is made of 1-5 connected cubes.
You can customize the pit size and the complexity of the pieces. The game keeps track of the high scores for every possible mode, there are also online scores.

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Version: 2.5Category: Action
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Last updated: 2018-06-28 18:58:24