Game Sheet: Airstrike
(from the original archive of "The Linux Game Tome")

Description: Airstrike is a 2d dogfight game in the tradition of 'Biplanes' on Intellivision and 'BIP' on the Amiga. You control a WWI biplane and try to shoot you opponent(s) to tiny bits. The game is a work in progress, but it's already a lot of fun. I post it here since I require some help in finshing the game and making it more fun to play. Multiplayer (LAN) is in the works.
Author: Ulf EkströmCompany:
Version: 1.0 pre 5Category: Arcade
License: freeCost:
Votes: 4      Vote->      Rank: 4.3 / 5        N.A.
Source? Yes     Sound? YesXWindow (X11)? Yes     Console? Yes
3D Accelleration? No     Multiplayer? YesPlay Online? No     Submitter: ulfek
Other requirements:
Uses SDL. "Console" support via aalib.
Last updated: 2002-10-27 20:42:44


Date: 2002-09-30 01:33:08     User: anonymous     Subject: Good game, but boredom

Date: 2002-09-30 02:28:06     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Good game, but boredom
It is still in development.. Multiplayer is where the fun is! --ulf
Date: 2002-09-30 12:06:13     User: anonymous     Subject: Good game
The CD32 version of this game was amazing, absolutely loads of aircraft to fly. My heart missed a beat when I saw this posted. Good luck to them, all the best! I'm keeping an eye on this one!
Date: 2002-09-30 12:38:56     User: lale     Subject: this is gonna rock!
oh, man! I always loved clean simple playable multiplayer games... And Physics and graphics are nice, too! keep up the good work, please, this has the potential to become a hit, don't stop hacking. I'd help if I had time (and I won't until a couple of weeks), in the meantime, go on!
Date: 2002-09-30 20:58:20     User: anonymous     Subject: Another in the genre - sopwith
This reminds me of one of my favorite DOS games, sopwith. Airstrike already looks and moves like a worthy successor. I like the balloons, they suggest a game with lots of cute interations with annoying objects. Something like running into a duck, which gets wrapped around your propeller, drags down your airspeed (all while out-swearing Donald), and eventually gets loose to dizzily wander off.
Date: 2002-10-01 01:47:39     User: chakie     Subject: Would not run
For me the static game wouldn't run. It popped up a window and then exited immediately. No visible error, and stracing it didn't really reveal anything to me. It looks fun though!
Date: 2002-10-01 02:23:54     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Another in the genre - sopwith
Yeah, ducks are a top priority! I'll add them as soon as someone contributes a Povray model. something like duck coming in -> ugly sound -> cloud of feathers -> feathers falls slowly to the ground (possibly: duck lives, but crash due to lack of feathers) Would be great. --Ulf
Date: 2002-10-01 02:25:02     User: anonymous     Subject: Re: Would not run
There was a bug with 24 bit displays, this has been fixed in version on the homepage. --Ulf
Date: 2002-10-01 12:33:59     User: anonymous     Subject: cool
cool! It looks like that 2 player mario battle I rememberd from the past :)
Date: 2002-10-19 02:26:12     User: lale     Subject: This game is getting better and better
...and is already a lot of fun! Feel the great physics!
Date: 2002-10-19 12:36:55     User: anonymous     Subject: Like on C64
I really liked superdogfight on c64. Now we need joystick support, joystick port switching.. It's hard to win against the AI because it start's ealier eg after a crash. How about some scrollbars to adjust physics, engine power, hitpoints or resistance of the airplanes. Default may be all bars in the middle and then we play around. Or travelling through the time from red baron to f16 @ highest speed. Keep on coding :-]
Date: 2002-10-20 13:25:46     User: anonymous     Subject: fun!
needs some AI impovement but it's fun and looks great!
Date: 2002-10-20 15:28:16     User: anonymous     Subject: Great...
Great game; haven't played anything like it. The AI needs to be able to drop bombs and network play would be great.
Date: 2002-10-26 18:42:53     User: anonymous     Subject: scrolling screen
what would be great: a horizontally scrolling screen like in "sopwith", and battle tanks shooting, you have to bomb them. you'd also have to bomb some other things (take a look at the old dos game sopwith. it had crappy graphics compared to airstrike, but the scrolling screen and the extra action added extra fun
Date: 2002-10-27 07:07:04     User: ulfek     Subject: Re: scrolling screen
This is planned. We just want to have a working single-screen game running first. (Not that is is harder to do larger levels, but it's best to keep it simple in the beginning.)
Date: 2002-10-27 17:43:25     User: bigfatdude     Subject: nice
Dude this is so sweeeeet.
Date: 2003-02-14 19:37:48     User: anonymous     Subject: Airstrike
Quite possibly too much fun. I'm going go waste a lot of time on this, I can tell. The AI doesn't drop bombs, but other than that, this is awesome! Maybe some more intuitive controls, because the rotation/acceleration thing feels really strange when gravity is taken into account. Also, more weapons! Machine guns, lasers, homing missles, etc. I know they don't fit the biplane scheme very well, but I think it would be great anyways.
Date: 2003-04-15 15:19:48     User: Schugy     Subject: I haven't forgotten this game
And now I'm here to tell you that I'm waiting for a new playable release with joysticksupport. By the way I have 4 gamepads/joysticks working. So you could even increase the number of players and it would be great if I could enter js2 and js3 in the configuration without having to use js0. I like it if everyone has the same hardware but js0 is my analog gameport joystick and not always the best choice. *waiting4averyaddictivegame*
Date: 2003-10-16 10:38:46     User: anonymous     Subject: mac version
can someone make a mac version please.....!!!!!
Date: 2003-10-19 03:59:22     User: locutos     Subject: Brilliant
In the best tradition of Sopwith. I really like it, there is a bug causing the Red Baron to have an infinte amount of bombs... The AI should be a bout better...
Date: 2004-12-20 02:20:05     User: anonymous     Subject: Status
This game is in development.
Date: 2005-02-20 22:12:57     User: anonymous     Subject: buggy 2 player dogfighting
The red baron has unlimited bombs in dogfights. This is so unfair. Otherwise fairly entertaining.
Date: 2007-02-10 23:29:59     User: anonymous     Subject: like it
I like it, played a much, only joystick support is lacking.