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Destroy It
Hit the robot against objects to destroy them Move the mouse over the robot, hold down the left button, grabbing the robot by the arm or leg and hitting objects on the map with it to destroy them and get points. This game is great fun to relieve stress and have fun....
2021-06-11 1,22€ action  
A group of terrorists has arranged a nuclear hell and occupied Fort. You’ll have to build your own base in the new world burnt by the nuclear apocalypse.Build your base, eliminate zombies, attack convoys to get resources, fight against other players in PvP, use machinery t...
2021-06-11 1,22€ action  
The Tactics of War
'The Tactics of War' is a strategy where you take part in a historical battle. Hire available units and place them in a special field before the beginning of the battle. You can fight in two different modes: choose a hero if you want to fight using the third-person controller a...
2021-06-11 1,22€ action  
King Lucas
After an affair King Lucas had with the Witch of Sausan, the Queen left him and remarried in an adjacent kingdom, and now his daughters are the only ones left at his side. Due to his love for them, each and every time they get lost in the castle, he moves heaven and earth to ge...
2021-06-11 1,49€ action  
IsoCubes is an isometric puzzle game. Your goal is to push the green starred cubes on their target cubes that are also green. You can push green blocks by selecting blue cubes that face the direction of the cube you want to move. The game will restart if you can't make a new mo...
2021-06-11 0,95€ strategy  
Memento Infernum
Mission...You failed God, and now you have to repay for what you did. Go and clear Holy Place out of all the demons that infest it. And do that by mastering movement and gunplay in this new demanding top-down shooter.Priest..Dash through battlefield as Priest with uncovered dark ...
2021-06-11 0,95€ action  
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