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Title: Zarch
Last updated: 2000-01-07 09:33:59
Author/Company: Thom van Os
Category: Mia
Description: A Linux remake of the classic Amiga game Virus
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Title: Glasteroids
Last updated: 1999-12-20 12:52:23
Author/Company: Matt Cohen
Category: Arcade
Description: Blowup the asteroids
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Title: Ultra Power Rubix Cube Max II
Last updated: 1999-12-20 02:51:43
Author/Company: Sed
Category: Simulation
Description: A Rubick-s cube system for PC/Linux/X11/sound
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Title: Anachronism
Last updated: 1999-12-13 09:54:55
Author/Company: Nikos Vassiliou
Category: Mia
Description: Qt based real-time strategy game
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Title: KPoly
Last updated: 1999-12-06 00:00:00
Author/Company: Alexander Opitz
Category: Mia
Description: Monopoly Client for the monop Server
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