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Title: Affenspiel
Last updated: 2001-01-05 03:03:27
Author/Company: Holger Schemel
Category: Puzzle
Description: A good little sliding tiles puzzle game
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Title: The LSGE Project
Last updated: 2000-12-30 16:25:18
Author/Company: SectorX
Category: Mia
Description: LSGE is an attempt to port Command & Conquer to Linux/console
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Title: xhangglider
Last updated: 2000-12-26 00:33:22
Category: Toy
Description: 3D hangglider in root window.
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Title: Crossword
Last updated: 2000-12-20 21:56:27
Author/Company: Eric Warmenhoven
Category: Puzzle
Description: A GNOME Crossword puzzle game
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Title: SSnake - SuperSnake
Last updated: 2000-12-13 02:10:26
Author/Company: Aldo Chan, Torkel lyng
Category: Mia
Description: Snake for SVGALIB - classic game - with sound
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