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Title: Estranged: Act I
Last updated: 2018-01-20 10:03:27
Author/Company: Alan Edwardes
Category: Action
Description: Estranged tells the story of a lone fisherman, whose ship is stranded on a m ...
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Title: BattleSpace
Last updated: 2018-01-20 09:51:21
Author/Company: Funnel Inc.
Category: Action
Description: BattleSpace is a sci-fi flash game designed to play in the comfort of your w ...
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Title: Battle for Blood - Epic battles within 30 seconds!
Last updated: 2018-01-20 09:50:27
Author/Company: YFC games
Category: Action
Description: Constant fun and excitement! Bloody fighting from the start. Epic battles wi ...
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Title: Albion Online
Last updated: 2018-01-20 09:43:47
Author/Company: Sandbox Interactive
Category: Role Playing Game
Description: Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG set in an open medieval fantasy world. It...
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Title: RVGL
Last updated: 2018-01-20 09:43:41
Author/Company: Acclaim Entertainment
Category: Arcade
Description: RVGL is a cross-platform port of the 1999 racing game Re-Volt. Re-Volt is a...
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